about us


Tom and Lee are the driving force behind Anthem X.

They are a close-knit team who have worked together for over 20 years so they pretty much know what the other is thinking.

Their combined experience is a massive benefit to clients. With a streamlined approach that cuts to the chase, ideas and solutions come thick and fast, incorporating a ‘can-do’ ethos with practical and valuable know-how.



Q: How did Anthem X come about?

Tom: When I was around 18, I was living in North Devon and Lee was living in Reading, I called him one day to see if there was any work at the company he was working for. He said there was but I'd have to come up that night as they needed someone the next day, I put the phone down, ummed and arred a little and then just decided to pack some stuff in the car, throw caution to the wind and head on up. The first job we worked on together was building a massive mobile phone for Motorola that was sited on the triangle as you come through the tunnel at Heathrow airport. I was hooked on the creativity and madness from the get go. Needless to say I never went home. We contracted together for lots of different production houses over the years and eventually got together and bought out one of them and turned it into Anthem X.

Q: What’s an ideal project?

Lee: One where Tom doesn’t interfere! But honestly, We really love a challenge where we get to so something new and creative. Like giant nodding dogs or vehicles that transform from something like a van to an all encompassing bar and restaurant experience . In our view, if you want to get noticed, you’ve got to make a big impact. Being ordinary is not as effective.

Q: What’s so good about promotional vehicles?

Tom: Creating an opportunity for the public to see, touch, taste, and smell your product can’t be replicated. Taking it on the road in a ten-foot tall moving billboard is unbeatable for real brand exposure. Oh, and people like them! People are always attracted to things that aren't quite what they seem.

Q: What’s been your proudest moment?

Tom: I always get a pang of pride when a vehicle goes out looking fabulous. I love seeing them set up on site and seeing the punters interact. We put a lot of love into them… they’re all our babies!

Q: Is there anything you can’t do?

Lee: My tap dancing’s a bit rusty! Seriously, within reason no. Budget is the only constraint.

Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Tom: The neighbour’s dog. Also, we enjoy what we do. We really care that a job is done properly, on time and on budget. Sometimes we care too much!

Q: What does the future hold for Anthem X?

Tom: We’d like to work directly with brand marketeers to help them develop ideas and reach out to audiences. We really believe it’s a powerful medium that’s vastly under exploited.

Q: What one word sums up Anthem X?

Lee: Playful.

Tom: Creative. Awesome. Try us. Rule breakers!