boursin sensorium touring at county shows


Because XM came to us with an idea to produce an interactive experiential stand to promote Boursin's new range of flavours.

The stand needed to house three virtual reality experience pods, a kitchen prep area, and accommodate an organised queue system and a seating area where people could sample the new and delicious flavours of Boursin.

Obviously we relished the challenge (and the cheeses!).

Because this experiential stand had to tour the UK's county shows, food festivals and Westfield shopping centres the final stand was lightweight, modular and easy to assemble. We loved the details: the seats were made with real peppercorns set in a resin compound, the tables had real herbs growing in them and the virtual reality experience was a first of its kind.

Once you sat in the chair and put the headset on you were whisked away to the inside of a fridge where you took a roller coaster ride through its contents. As you travelled, the scent of each ingredient was wafted towards you by scent machines, adding a unique real sensation to the virtual experience.

Another award-winning experiential stand!