rekorderlig promo vehicle conversion


Sense London approached us with an idea to promote Rekorderlig cider's new range of flavours.

To reflect the brand’s cachet, they wanted to hire a vehicle that could be converted into a Swedish style chalet complete with three serving hatches, fold up roof sign and real timber cladding to the outside.

The plan was to take a gorilla-style sampling campaign across the UK, so a van that was easy to drive, quick to set-up and simple to operate was essential. We had the perfect solution.

The low loader van is without doubt the best vehicle for this style of campaign. Once we got the go ahead we went to town on creating the archetypal Swedish style chalet, using real tongue and groove timber for the external cladding and a vibrant red paint colour matched with vinyl to wrap the cab and keep everything continuous.

The back of the van was fitted out with three work stations, each with storage and serving counters, all topped off with a fold up pitched roof to add some extra reality to the overall look.

With some pretty foliage and Swedish pastoral scene we had the created perfect brand experience on wheels.